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Diet PlansLosing weight can be difficult at any age, but finding diets that work is the majority of the battle.

If you categorize the best diet plans into three main groups, you have online diets with built-in support communities, meal delivery plans and supplements. This site focuses on the best of all diet plans – the diets that work.

There are many…Jillian Michaels, Joy Bauer, South Beach, Sonoma, and the list goes on. But there are four that truly stand out from among the others.

Dieters have largely had impressive results with our short list, and we will tell you why they have achieved so much success with them. These diets are very healthy, they are very safe diets, and most of all, the majority of dieters can plug right in and start losing weight right away.

A quick summary follows – more detailed reviews are further below.

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The South Beach Diet
Editor’s Choice

Diets That Work - The South Beach DietPros: Dieters are ecstatic with the new South Beach Diet. This is now a full meal plan where you eat 6 times per day. The food is phenomenal, and the carb reductions are much less difficult.

Cons: We are still searching for a negative.

Bottom Line:
The South Beach Diet boasts a keto-friendly, delicious and affordable meal program designed to lose 7 pounds the first week, and 1-2 pounds every week thereafter. Dieters are really having tremendous success with this diet – a true no-brainer.

The South Beach Diet Website
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Bistro MD
Editor’s Choice

Diets That Work - Bistro MDPros: Dieters rate the gourmet meals very highly, and they found that the calorie shifting approach works extremely well in shedding all of the excess weight.

Cons: Lacks an online community or forum.

Bottom Line:

Bistro MD’s calorie shifting confuses your metabolism and lose weight quickly. The official meal plan used by Dr. Phil for his obese patients with proven effectiveness. Dieters rate this meal plan as a very delicious diet with outstanding meals.

BistroMD Website
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The Raspberry Ketones Diet
Editor’s Choice

Diets That Work - The Raspberry Ketones DietPros: Highly effective. Dieters lose weight really fast. Just one capsule twice per day with meals. Breaks apart fat cells and then burns them for energy. Dieter’s #1 fat burner.

Cons: Still need to eat eat healthy & exercise.

Bottom Line:
Raspberry ketones are the most powerful and effective supplement we have found to drop weight. Dieters are astounded how quickly the product works and the amount of weight you can lose. Very simple to use. See review below for Free Bottles.

The Raspberry Ketones Website
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The Fat Decimator
Editor’s Choice

Diets That Work - The Fat DecimatorPros: Dieters are truly raving about the quick weight loss. This diet is designed to burn between 13 – 23 pounds of stored body fat in the first 21 days. Easy to follow this diet.

Cons: Key is to keep weight off over long term.

Bottom Line:
The Fat Decimator is outstanding at targeting and burning stored body fat right off your body. Dieters comment on how quickly this diet shrunk their waistline. The results in 21 days are outstanding. Make sure to do the 20 minute exercises to double the fat loss.

The Fat Decimator Website
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The Perfect Diet – Reduced Carbs + Delicious Food

South Beach DietSouth Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet has undergone a major transformation from a premier diet plan to what we regard as the top diet and meal program in 2019.

The South Beach Diet (known as the food lovers diet) was developed by world famous cardioligist, Dr. Arthur Agatston, for his patients – to make them healthy.

The entire concept behind the South Beach diet is to reduce carbs moderately, which then controls blood sugars and reduces hunger.

Nothing has changed in philosophy with this diet. But instead of providing recipes for delicious foods, South Beach now has 4 outstanding and affordable delicious food plans – including one for diabetes.

South Beach is now keto-friendly, meaning that you are eating from the same food groups – a protein-centric diet with reduced carbs and sugar.

With over 750,000 active and happy users of this diet, let’s now take a closer look at how South Beach works.

How Does The South Beach Diet Work?

Healthy Diet Plans - South Beach DietThe South Beach Diet takes a very moderate and successful approach to losing weight:

  • Eat every 2-3 hours, 6 meals per day
  • Large variety of breakfasts, lunch, dinners and snacks
  • Mix in groceries or a restaurant for DIY meals
  • Lose up to 7 pounds the first week
  • Lose 1-2 pounds per week thererafter

The South Beach Diet has 3 distinct phases to help you lose weight:

Phase 1:
  • Reset your body in just 7 days for fast weight loss
  • Reduce your cravings for sugar and refined starches
  • Lose up to 7 pounds the first week

Phase 2:
  • Add in good carbs from whole grains, fruits and veggies
  • Add two DIY breakfasts, lunches and dinners each week
  • Lose 1-2 pounds per week

Phase 3:
  • Enjoy all foods in all food groups in moderation
  • Easily follow the basic South Beach Diet principles
  • Lose 1-2 pounds per week

Healthy Diet Plans - South Beach DietEditor’s Note: Many dieters struggle with the concept of a meal plan, thinking that it will cost more than regular food shopping.

The truth is that it costs about the same. And if you add in everything, including the pantry, it costs significantly less.

We see 2 clear advantages of this diet plan:

1) The selection of South Beach meals and snacks will absolutely help you lose weight quickly – and get you started down a repeatable path of reducing carbs. Your body will adjust quickly and you will not miss the carbs.

2) Many dieters believe that if you choose a meal plan, that you have to order meals for life. However, after 3-4 months, successful dieters will know how to eat and can easily move off the meal plan.

In fact, the South Beach Diet encourages DIY meals, and is essentially teaching you how to do it yourself.


We are very excited because The South Beach Diet has just made dieting so easy – and so enjoyable – for dieters.

This is the South Beach Diet 2.0, and it comes packed with a full, inexpensive, and delicious meal plan that allows you to eat 6 times per day.

Although this diet is keto-friendly, it does not trigger nutritional ketosis. By allowing only 40 – 50 grams of carbs per day, you are able to lose significant weight without triggering ketosis.

Dieters have been experiencing weight loss of about 7 pounds the first week, and 1-2 pounds of weight loss per week thereafter.

We are also excited that The South Beach Diet offers a meal plan specific for diabetes – this is a big deal for the many affected.


There are none. This diet does a wonderful job of ‘threading the needle’ to avoid nutritional ketosis. Whereas nutritional ketosis is triggered at about 30 grams of carbs per day, the South Beach Diet comes in at 40 – 50 grams per day. Thus you get maximum fat burn without ketosis.

Bottom Line

We are very excited about the new South Beach Diet because it still addresses Carbs as Enemy #1, but it does so in a more moderate manner that really delivers the results.

Diet Plan Success - The South Beach DietThe South Beach Diet has transformed from solely an online diet to a very complete meal plan that has incredibly delicious meals.

The secret sauce to why this diet will outperform the others is because: 1) it manages sugar levels so perfectly, you just won’t get hungry, and 2) that makes it incredibly easy to stick with this diet.

The plan is built around breakfast, lunch and dinner, but there is also a built-in snack 2 hours after each meal. So not only do you get to eat all day, but you also get a program that controls sugar spikes which minimizes hunger pangs.

The South Beach Diet avoids the yo-yo effect of starvation diets. This diet is a no-brainer and will likely be the best decision you make in the coming year.

You can get 40% off right now at The South Beach Diet Website


The Perfect Meal Plan – Calorie Fluctuations Create Quick Weight Loss

Healthy Diet Plans - Bistro MDBistro MD

BistroMD was founded by Dr. Caroline Cederquist, one of about 250 doctors nationwide who has achieved board certification in bariatrics, a specialty in weight management.

Dr. Cederquist’s background includes being on the Medical Advisory Board for Skinny Magazine, appearing on The Dr. Phil Show and being a contributing Medical Editor for NBC Ft. Myers.

Bistro MD has become one of the popular diet meal plans by offering delicious gourmet meals structured with a scientific approach to fluctuating your daily caloric intake.

This fluctuation has proven to speed up weight loss considerably.

Bistro MD has the full endorsement of Dr. Phil who uses this plan for his obese patients.

After filling out a profile, Dr. Cederquist and her team of nutritionists determine your appropriate caloric selection and address issues such as food allergies, religious restrictions and diabetes.

How It Works

Bistro MD makes it a breeze to lose weight:

  • Calorie fluctuation creates a very rapid fat-burning cycle
  • You are able to choose the speed of your weight loss
  • Average weight loss of 1 – 3 pounds per week
  • The gourmet meals are absolutely delicious
  • You can choose the foods you love
  • You can exclude the foods you don’t enjoy

Customize your meal plan:

  • 5 or 7 day meal plans
  • With or without snacks
  • Customized to allergies or religion
  • Customized to the foods you like
  • Menus rotate weekly

Tailor your order:

  • Online or toll-free
  • Select your meal plan
  • Select your meal preferences
  • Avoid foods you don’t enjoy
  • A large variety of meals

Convenient meals:

  • Meals delivered right to your door
  • Meals are fresh prepared
  • Delivered flash frozen
  • Just heat and eat
  • No cooking or cleaning

Lose the weight:

  • Calorie fluctuation cuts the weight fast
  • Gourmet meals are delicious
  • Meals are fresh and doctor approved
  • Support of a top team of dieticians
  • Results come very quickly

Note: The amount of weight loss depends on the plan you choose, and factors such as age, level of activity, current weight and medical condition.

Bistro MD has delicious meals that make it fun to lose weight:

Healthy Diet Plans - Bistro MD Breakfast
Healthy Diet Plans - Bistro MD Lunch
Healthy Diet Plans - Bistro MD Lunch

Healthy Diet Plans - Bistro MD Dinner
Healthy Diet Plans - Bistro MD Dinner
Healthy Diet Plans - Bistro MD Snack

Note: One of the most unique and exciting aspects of Bistro MD is daily calorie fluctuation. By fluctuating daily caloric intake, you prevent your metabolism from adjusting to one set point. This expedites weight loss and makes Bistro MD unique compared to other weight loss programs.

You also have access to free dietician support online as well as a free subscription to the Bistro MD Newsletter.


  • You get to eat delicious meals making it easy to stick with this diet
  • Dieters have complete control over all meal plan options
  • Meals are delivered fresh each week
  • Choose to get snacks as well as choose 5 or 7 day plans
  • You can lock in favorite foods and also ban undesirable foods

You have access to dietitians and chefs, and will enjoy a continuous change in menus and food selections.

Bistro MD allows one ‘my night’ where you choose what you want to eat, whether at home, or out with family or friends.

In summary, dieters loved how delicious the meals taste, helping them easily stick with this diet.

They also noted that this meal plan costs much less money than the heavily advertised meal plans they see on TV.


Unless you specify snacks in your food plan, there are no desserts. Food selections, though changed weekly, are fixed for that time period.

Bottom Line

Bistro MD, which has customers who range in age from 18 to 80, has earned the full endorsement of Dr. Phil who uses this plan for his obese patients.

With outstanding gourmet food and scientifically proven calorie shifting to speed up weight loss, this meal plan is a true winner.

You are probably familiar with many of the heavily advertised meal plans for the past 30 years, and most dieters know the food tastes terrible.

Bistro MD has finally nailed it with the most delicious food you will ever taste in a diet meal plan. Our compliments to the chef!

The meals are savory and affordable. A lot of dieters have commented that they were able to lose 2-3 pounds per week on this program. This diet is a no-brainer.

Get 25% Off at the Bistro MD Website

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The Perfect Diet Supplement – Collapses Fat Cells And Burns Them For Fuel

Diets That Work - The Raspberry Ketones DietRaspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketones research established a strong correlation with dieting and fat loss, and it was a famous tv doctor who broke the news. It is now referred to in dieting circles as the ‘number one miracle in a bottle than will burn your fat’.

Raspberry ketones are an extract from the aroma compound that helps give raspberries their scent. Raspberry ketone comes in many forms including drops, powders and pills.

We will discuss exactly what raspberry ketones are, how they work and the success that dieters are experiencing.

Raspberry Ketone – The Fat Dissolving Extract

Raspberry ketones are an extracted compound which regulates adiponectin – a protein in our body.

Diet Plans For Women - Raspberry KetoneHowever, the role of adiponectin is rather profound as it used by our bodies to regulate our metabolism.

Even more importantly, raspberry ketones literally breaks up fat in our cells, making it very easy for our bodies to burn this dissolved fat as an energy source.

A person would need to eat 90 pounds of raspberries to consume enough ketones to make a difference. Not only is that impractical, but a dieter would gain a lot of weight in doing so.

How To Use Raspberry Ketones In Dieting

There have been enough studies and empirical evidence to demonstrate that raspberry ketones are efficiently absorped into our system.

Best Diet Plans - Raspberry Ketone Diet

  • All that is needed is 1 capsule twice per day with meals. Nothing else is required.
  • No changes in diet or exercise are required with raspberry ketones.
  • Any increase in activity or decrease in food consumption will accelerate the benefits.
  • Dieters are seeing the effects within 5 days.

A bottle lasts for one month, and the manufacturer recommends that if your goal is to lose 10 – 15 pounds, then one bottle should suffice. If more weight loss is desired, then the recommendation is to go with the three month regimen.

Clinical studies have shown raspberry ketones to be particularly effective with abdominal fat and liver fat – which is great news for dieters. Studies show that this product has no side effects.

Examples Of Dieters Losing Weight with Raspberry Ketones

Everyone loves success stories, and here are two that are typical of what some dieters are experiencing with these capsules:

Diet Plans For Women - Becky Lost 43 Pounds!

  • Becky lost 43 pounds using the three month regimen of raspberry ketone capsules.
  • She previously had high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
  • Those symptoms have since disappeared.
  • Becky says that she is happy to be fitting in some clothes that she hasn’t worn in 10 years.

Diet Plans For Women - Alexis Lost 44 Pounds!

  • Alexis lost 44 pounds using the three month regimen of raspberry ketone capsules.
  • She had a pre-diabetes condition before the diet.
  • That condition has now disappeared.
  • Alexis commented that other diet plans took off the weight very slowly, whereas this one took it off very quickly.


The famous tv doctor likes to refer to raspberry ketones as a miracle fat burner, and it is truly a remarkable compound. It’s not a gimmick – the raspberry ketones trigger hormones to break up fat and then burns it easily. The capsules are simple to administer, and losing weight doesn’t get any easier.

Most dieters are seeing substantial weight loss. Dietitians and the medical community are now beginning to incorporate raspberry ketones as part of their dietary regimen.

This diet supplement is very affordable if you are serious about losing weight:

One Month -> One Bottle -> $49.95
Three Months -> Buy 2 Bottles and Get 1 Bottle Free -> $79.90 (Save $70.10)
Five Months -> Buy 3 Bottles and Get 2 Bottles Free -> $149.95 (Save $150.05)


Although most dieters report excellent results without exercise or dieting, we strongly encourage users to accelerate the weight loss benefits with proper healthy eating and increased physical activity.

Bottom Line

If you are wondering if raspberry ketones actually work, suffice it to say they are the safest and most effective diet supplement on the market.

Unlike other diet supplements which are nothing more than gimmicks, it has been proven in clinical studies that raspberry ketones trigger hormonal changes that break up fat cells and quickly use this fat to burn for energy.

Dieters are excited with how quickly this product drops the weight, with users noticing changes within 5 days.

Get Free Bottles With Larger Orders At: Raspberry Ketones Website

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The Perfect Short Term Diet – Targets Difficult Stored Body Fat

Healthy Diet Plans - The Fat DecimatorThe Fat Decimator

The Fat Decimator has quickly become the diet of choice for quick weight loss that targets belly and hip fat. And the results have been amazing.

Whereas many diet plans focus on overall weight loss, the Fat Decimator System focuses on burning fat without losing muscle and lean body mass.

Additionally, most diets tend to focus more on making sure you don’t gain weight from eating, but they don’t specifically target stored body fat.

The Fat Decimator System excels at starting weight loss on Day 1. In fact, most people are losing 5-10 pounds the first week – and some are losing even more.

The diet focuses on the importance of carb reduction, the timing of meals, the necessity of additional protein while losing weight, and food selection.

How It Works:

  • 21 day system
  • Reduces carbs, increases protein
  • Timing of meals important
  • Calorie shifting to confuse the metabolism and burn more fat
  • Optional exercise plan to quicken weight loss
  • Over-the-counter supplements recommended to assist fat burn

They promise within 21 days you will have:

  • 12-23 pound reduction in body weight
  • 2-3 size drop in dress size
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Improved cholesterol levels
  • Healthier hair & skin

The Fat Decimator is a 21 day system that has four phases:

  • Phase 1 last one week. Meals focus on protein and vegetables in preselected time slots designed to maximize weight loss.
  • Phase 2 cuts a small amount of food from your diet and really kicks your fat burning in the fast lane.
  • Phase 3 introduces higher-fat foods that further accelerates fat loss.
  • Phase 4 rebalances to an ongoing, healthy food-eating plan that will keep the weight off, and probably even cut more weight.

Diets That Work - The Fat DecimatorWe all know that carbs serve no constructive role in a healthy body. This diet will greatly reduce carbs – triggering a very rapid weight loss (that in all actuality is fat loss).

The system is built around how to lose fat in the quickest, but healthiest, manner possible. For example, eating right before bed can only result in the food being processed and stored as fat. So when you eat, and when you cutoff eating, is extremely important.

Also, calorie shifting/intermittent fasting has been proven to be one of the single most effective weight loss techniques. By creating uneven meal quantities and eating at different times of the day, your body’s metabolism is tricked into burning stored fat instead of the food you just ate. The Fat Decimator uses this to your full advantage.

The Fat Decimator comes with optional exercise plans that they say will double the amount of weight loss. One plan is for dieters that actually like going to a gym, and one is for dieters to use in their homes. The one for home use only calls for a few 20 minute sessions per week, and is easily “do-able” for the regular dieter.

One of the things that the diet teaches you is the importance of amino acids in weight loss. The body relies on 20 amino acids, but can only produce 12 of the 20 acids. Therefore the Fat Decimator System recommends (but not mandatory) that you pick up some inexpensive over-the-counter supplements that will actually help you lose weight quicker.

Diets That Work - The Fat Decimator

The Fat Decimator System is immediately downloadable online. There are 4 bonus manuals that are worth their weight in gold:

The Fastest Weight Loss Action Plan – This bonus helps you become successful your very first days of the diet. They have found if the dieter sees quick results, then the dieter will likely stick with it – and that is the point of this bonus.

100 Great Tasting Green Smoothie Fat-Loss Recipes – These recipes are delicious, and are dually intended to help make you healthier nutritionally while providing the proper ingredients to assist fat burning.

The Powerful Sex Foods And Stimulants Report – Since health and diet revolves strongly around what foods we eat, this report look at the super-foods that have been found to significantly increase libido.

The 3 Minute Belly Shrinker Video Series – This provides you with stunningly simple and easy-to-do exercise that will increase your metabolism and shed unwanted fat even faster.

The price of The Fat Decimator System is $37.00. There is a 60 day money back guarantee. You can get started immediately as everything is immediately downloadable.


Best Diet Plans - The Fat Decimator

  • You are able to get started immediately
  • You can lose 12 – 23 pounds in just 3 weeks
  • This diet triggers fat burn starting on Day 1
  • Lean muscle mass will also increase
  • A few minutes of exercise is optional to easily double your weight loss
  • Unconditional 60 day Guarantee


This diet is intended to make a difference quickly. The trick is to incorporate the changes after your weight loss to keep the weight off for good.

Bottom Line

Dieters are commenting that this diet cuts to the chase…that you notice the weight loss right away.

We know that most dieters would be ecstatic if they could drop 12 pounds in 3 weeks – and that is easily achievable with this diet.

It just bears emphasizing that incorporating the plan’s short exercise plan (just a few times per week) will double the fat burn. It is incredibly effective at raising your metabolism – which burns fat faster.

Dieters are giving this product very high marks, with many mentioning a noticeable change in belly size right away Week 1).

It is a great deal for the price, and it works so well that they even offer an unconditional 60 day guarantee.

They spell it all out for you simply and make it easy to lose weight fast. If you are tired of trying all of the usual diet plans, give this one a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

You can start this diet right away at The Fat Decimator Website

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