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The BMI Calculator, also known as the Body Mass Index Calculator, is used to compare a person weight to their height.

BMI CalculatorA lot of people believe that it is a measure of your body fat, but that is a misconception. As you already know, muscle weighs more than fat, so a very muscular person of the same height will have a higher BMI.

As an aside, body fat can be measured far more accurately using methods such as water submersion, or calipers that measure skin thickness at various points on the body.

So what is the value of the BMI Calculator? Assuming you are not extraordinarily muscular or old (which distorts the comparison), it will give you some idea as to how you compare to others of the same height.

bmi calculator

All you need to do is enter your height and weight:

    Select your height in feet and inches
    Enter your weight in pounds

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Using The Value From The BMI Calculator

Once you come up with your BMI value, be sure to compare that value with the chart immediately below:

Calculate Your BMI

Important BMI Calculator Notes:

  • The BMI calculator will overstate the BMI for extremely muscular individuals
  • The BMI calculator will understate the BMI of older individuals who have lost muscle mass with aging


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