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Medifast Weight LossMedifast has the distinction of being the only diet recommended by over 20,000 doctors, and it is for very good reason.

The meals are low in fats, nutritionally balanced, carbohydrate controlled, and contain 24+ vitamins and minerals.

Every meal has plenty of protein to keep you satisfied while nourishing your body with fortified vitamins and minerals.

There have been a large number of success stories, and dieters have commented that this is the diet to use if you have tried other diets in the past and failed.

The Medifast diet plan is called Medifast Achieve, and it involves pre-packaged meals that are nutritionally balanced and low in fats.

Medifast Reviews - Medifast BarsThe Medifast approach is slightly different than other diet meal plans in that it combines Medifast meals with food straight out of your kitchen.

Four meals are from Medifast, two meals are made by you with lean protein and vegetables (called “lean and green”), plus they give you one snack.

When all is said and done, Medifast ends up supplying the bulk of the food such as cappuccinos, bars, puddings, shakes, and oatmeal.

You just need to add a few items to your shopping list to complete the menu, which really helps cut down on meal costs.

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How Medifast Works

Medifast Meals

The Medifast diet is simple in how it achieves weight loss:

  • You eat multiple meals throughout the day to eliminate hunger
  • The Medifast meals create a caloric deficit
  • Your body has no choice but to burn fat for its needed energy
  • Meals are nutritionally balanced for the proper levels of proteins, fast and carbohydrates
  • Most dieters are reporting weight losses of 2-5 pounds per week

You do have a good amount of discretion with your meats. The key is to maintain the proper portions.

This diet succeeds where most diets fail by providing multiple meals per day with ample proteins and fats to leave you full and without hunger.

Medifast excels at controlling blood sugar levels, which in turn also eliminates hunger.

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Medifast Food And Meals

Medifast has evolved where they originally had the 5+1 Plan and Achieve meal plans. They have now renamed each plan, and built a world-class program around each of these plans:

Medifast Flex
  • Formerly known as Medifast Achieve
  • Flexible meal plan
  • Delivers steady gradual weight loss

Medifast Flex is comprised of 4 Medifast meals + 2 Lean & Green meals + 1 snack.

Benefits: Allows you more freedom in meal creation, slightly more calories than Medifast Go, steady gradual weight loss.

Medifast Go
  • Formerly known as Medifast 5 & 1
  • For dieters who need more structure
  • This plan delivers fast results

Medifast Go is comprised of 5 Medifast meals + 1 Lean & Green meal.

Benefits: Easy to follow because it has more structure, slightly less calories than Medifast Flex, faster weight loss.

Medifast Reviews - Medifast Shakes
Medifast Reviews - Medifast Snack Food
Medifast Reviews - Medifast Breakfast Food

Medifast Reviews - Medifast Dinner Food
Medifast Reviews - Medifast Dinner Meal
Medifast Reviews - Medifast Lunch Meal

Medifast also has special diets for diabetes, gluten allergies, nursing moms, seniors and vegetarians. These plans are formulated by doctors to be safe, healthy and effective.

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Medifast Review

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Medifast won our Editor’s Choice award not only because it works, but because it has helped so many dieters succeed after failing on other diets.

Medifast has always been the diet of choice if you are truly serious about losing weight.

The diet really does a great job of controlling blood sugar which eliminates hunger. Plus they ensure you get enough proteins and fats so you feel full.

Having 6 meals a day is extremely effective in dropping weight because it eliminates binge eating. You always feel full and satisfied.


Eating 6 smaller meals per day may throw you at first because you are changing your habits.

Dieters don’t seem to be complaining because the weight is coming off fast.

Bottom Line

Medifast is a world class diet and deserves to be our Editor’s Choice. It simply works.

Part of the weight loss magic is breaking 2 or 3 larger meals into 6 smaller meals throughout the day. You end up needing less food that way.

We also like how they ended up creating two programs, one for gradual weight loss, and one for quicker weight loss results.

The Medifast diet does a wonderful job controlling blood sugar which in turn helps curb your appetite – so important when learning to eat less.

Medifast is recommended by over 20,000 medical doctors because it is a proven healthy and effective way to lose weight.

Medifast has a large number of successful followers. If you are serious about losing that excess weight, or if you have tried popular diets and failed, then this diet is a great match for you.

You can start this diet right away at the Medifast Website

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