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Red Tea DetoxRed Tea Detox

Red Tea Detox was founded by Liz Swann Miller, Naturopath and best-selling Amazon weight loss author.

In Kenya there is an indigenous Red Tea that the tribes drink to reduce hunger, especially when on the move for hunting or travel.

Since ‘diet’ does not exist in that culture, the tea was simply used to reduce hunger – for the sake of convenience.

One of the big advantages of this diet is that the hunger-reducing bioflavinoids and other key ingredients found in the red tea can be bought inexpensively at any health food store.

Unlike strict diets, the Red Tea Detox is more concerned with allowing the tea to do its thing – reduce toxins, reduce appetite, and increase fat-burning – with no caffeine.

The diet also focuses on mindset and exercise to assist in weight loss. The mindset material targets why dieters lose their way, and how to keep advancing with positive results.

The exercise manual is designed to be pretty lightweight exercising, but effective at raising your metabolism and speeding up weight loss.

Five Main Ingredients

The Red Tea Detox recipe has 5 key ingredients geared to lose 14 pounds in 14 days:

  • A fat shrinker bioflavinoid that decreases fat cell production and decreases hunger
  • An antioxidant that limits dietary fat storage
  • A detoxifier that boosts your metabolic fat burning rate
  • A natural enzyme enhancer that improves digestion and flushes the fat
  • A unique metabolic ingredient that lowers blood sugars and fat creation

Red Tea Weight Loss

Note: One of the most important takeaways is that there are no side effects and no caffeine. The key to the effectiveness of the recipe lies in the portions of the five ingredients.

How The Diet Works

From a dieter’s perspective, this is a very easy diet to follow because you are not being asked to change your eating habits too much.

Here is a quick synopsis of how the Red Tea Detox diet works:

  • Drink the tea with every meal and between meals as well
  • Three 5 Day Phases where different foods are utilized
  • You are able to choose your foods from food groups, so it is not restrictive
  • Timing of meals is specified to help trigger maximum fat burn
  • Carbs are lowered in this detox which triggers quick weight loss
  • Very light exercise (optional) can quickly accelerate weight loss

Red Tea Detox Diet - Immediate Download Online

The Red Tea Detox is immediately downloadable online. There are 4 bonus manuals that will really help you lose the weight:

Diet Plans For Women - Red Tea Detox Works!

The Ultimate Super Food Guide For Super Health – Learn how these foods affect your body: which foods prevent colds, which foods promote healthy babies, which foods reduce wrinkles, and much more.

Effortless Weight Loss Hypnosis (Audio MP3) – Works on any laptop, phone, tablet or player. It contains 18 calming minutes of hypnotic suggestions to get you to eat less sugary and fatty foods – without any hunger pangs.

The Five Detox Methods Of Famous Celebrities – Learn the detox tricks used by Gwyneth Paltrow, Anne Hathaway, Beyonce which includes colonics, saunas, foot baths, foot pads, liver cleansing and other secrets.

100 Great Tasting Green Smoothie Fat-Loss Recipes – These recipes are delicious, and are dually intended to help make you healthier nutritionally while providing the proper ingredients to assist fat burning.


  • You get to eat normal foods making it easy to stick with this diet
  • Ingredients for red tea are found easily and inexpensively at health food stores
  • Diet seriously targets reductions in abdominal and hip fat
  • Detox is highly effective at reducing hunger
  • Dieters are having success losing weight with this program
  • This diet is intended for you to lose 14 pounds in 14 days

This is a combination detox/diet where the science behind the detox is not only helpful for healthily resetting your metabolism and enzymes, but the same detox creates a pathway for rapid fat loss.

Dieters are commenting that the appetite suppressant in the red tea has been very helpful in cutting the weight.

They also mention that eating from food groups is much easier to work with when dieting – compared to other diet programs that are much more restrictive on what you can eat.

The diet only costs $37, and has proven to be one of this year’s top diets.


The main difficulty (as with all diets) is the reduction of carbs. However, many fatty foods with good (easy-to-break-down) fats are allowed, and that really helps.

Bottom Line

The Red Tea Detox is not a fast or a flush. It is a combination of smart dieting combined with very advanced nutritional guidelines that are geared to reduce toxins, promote healthy enzymes and reduce fat.

The diet is intended to last 14 days, but can be utilized in whole or in part after the initial detox to continue with additional weight loss.

The advantage of this diet is that by operating in food groups, you are given a lot of discretion in what you can eat. This really helps dieters stick with the diet whereas many other diets lose people quickly with very restrictive foods.

The Red Tea Detox eliminates much of the ‘pain’ associated with dieting by allowing wide selections within various food groups. The low price and positive dieter feedback make this a no-brainer.

You can start this diet right away at the Red Tea Detox Website

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